I looked in the mirror for the first time in weeks

realized i’ve totally stopped caring about everything, it’s a terribly liberating feeling for nothing to matter and ive been pretty happy,

however, i have become a little rough around the edges so i think i’m gonna spend the week after payday cleaning myself up a bit, hair cut, shave and some new clothes… sunny days in beer gardens i welcome you!! :D



I totally fucking hate fandoms, i think its perfectly healthy to support something you enjoy but when i see people wasting their god damn time actively searching for every bit of media and picture of someones face just cause you once saw them in something you liked its god damn fucking unhealthy, enjoy and digest the thing you enjoy, but have some intellect about it, learn from it, and create something of your own instead of lulling over someone who probably finds people like you so fucking annoying!!

Please, take this to heart.


I advise anyone who is lonely to form a band

Its the fucking shit cause you get to hang with people who care about you so much and you all appreciate each other so much



Might be getting my first two tattoos together in the next month or so :)



How much ass i am going to kick this year

  • First Band EP will be finished
  • I will have had a film in a horror film festival
  • My first Rap album will be recorded
  • My first beatbox album will be recorded
  • My dissertation will be planned ahead of schedule

I will put this year to fucking good use


It’s such a weird world to live in, to be sane, in a world full of mental illness¬†


I would like:

  • Sex
  • A Cigarette

I do not care which order.

I have an addiction to the painfully real

any gritty real thing that makes a person squirm inside and really makes them question everything they are is like perfection to me

Miss the nights

The nights when i was doing lines off toilet seats, keys in cubicles and washing pills down with the back end of someone elses drink, the only time in my life when i haven’t felt so morbidly lonely¬†


I will be supporting these at the cluny on Wednesday in newcastle, get yo butts there man!!