A song about a guy who hates beatboxing so naturally, i did a beatbox for it :’)

I had a sex dream about 3 of my followers and it was great :’)

sorry not sorry

I’ve wanted to be famous most of my life:

I want to be famous, but i want it to be earned, i want to make art, film, music and it to be respected, but mainly i want to be famous so i can have a voice people will listen to,

I want to use that voice to tell people to stop be disrespectful assholes!!


I’m gonna end up spending fucking ages getting ready tonight cause i fucking need to get laid

3 weeks is too fucking long man!!


Well apparently im doomed to be everyones go to second choice

What the fuck is wrong with me!?

Look I have a wolf! haha

Look I have a wolf! haha


I have a feeling tumblr would like my band, we have songs about accepting mental illness including depression, psychosis and anxiety, about accepting all human girls, godzilla, enjoying a good party (or not) and being terrible at games you love!!

fucks sake, i met someone who seems genuinely cool and i’m starting to have feelings for her, but i can’t even tell if she is interested, its fucking me up!!


Found these silly photos of me on my PC and decided i like them :D


My Brother

and i had our first proper conversion, kinda seeing each other as equals, as people, I questioned him about his wanting to join the army, not to object against his decisions but to make it clear that although he has not been the most successful at school he can do much more, i think its the first time someone has told him that but i know he is smarter than he thinks, i made it seem like he had more options in life i found he has a passion for song writing.

I hope I can persuade him not to join the army but ill support his decision either way, hopefully i can get him to really love music and understand his potential to be creative because what he lacks in book smarts i’m sure he can make up for in creativity, i just wanna see him do his best :)